Essential SharePoint 2007

Book Name: Essential SharePoint 2007 Author: Scott Jamison Mauro Cardarelli with Susan Hanley

Publish Year: ۲۰۰۷ Publish Year: ۲۰۰۷ Pages Numbers: ۴۶۵ ISBN: ۹۷۸-۰-۳۲۱-۴۲۱۷۴-۶

What Is This Book About

The Information Worker is central to Microsoft’s strategy to bring productive computing to the enterprise and beyond. Navigating the various client and server products can be confusing and daunting. This book will help you navigate these waters, providing direction and understanding. Specifically, this is a book about Microsoft’s SharePoint platform, with a particular focus on three commonly requested topics: end-user features, proper collaboration strategy, and a business-focused discussion on how to apply SharePoint’s key features. This book was written because collaboration, knowledge and content management, and Web accessibility are three of the most sought-after features in a corporate software solution. The key product that is the basis for most Microsoft-based solutions in this area is Office SharePoint Server. Because of this functionality, SharePoint is perhaps one of the most important server products that runs on Windows Server. If you want to deploy SharePoint in your enterprise or upgrade from previous versions, or if you need a concise introduction to collaboration solutions with SharePoint, you’re starting in the right place. This book provides a great user-level guide to Microsoft’s latest version of SharePoint, along with usage strategies and some insight into the technologies involved. This book is intended to be a tutorial as well as a handy reference. This book does not cover methodology or process, nor does it provide a one-size-fits-all approach to building applications. A central thrust of this book is a handy introduction to the feature set, deployment, and customization approaches that are available for SharePoint. But we also get into the why of using SharePoint—what is the business need, and does it get addressed? Because SharePoint supports a number of approaches and techniques, you’ll want to get familiar with the choices (for example, “Do I go with a teamsite, a blog, or a wiki?”) before choosing an approach that fits your specific needs. This book helps you do just that. What You Will Learn from This Book To implement a collaborative system effectively, you’ll likely need to consider a number of key questions: ■ Do I need a portal or collaboration strategy? If so, how do I create one? ■ How do users perform the top activities that they’ll need to do? ■ What do I need to consider when I upgrade from previous versions of SharePoint? ■ Where are documents stored currently? Where should documents live? ■ How do users collaborate today? ■ What kind of hardware do I need? How do I deploy the product properly? ■ How does the Web fit into my collaboration needs? What about Office and smart client applications? How about Groove, InfoPath, and Access? ■ Will I share information outside of my organization

Essential SharePoint 2007 (25.3 MB)

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