SharePoint 2007 User’s Guide Learning

Book Name: SharePoint 2007 User's Guide Learning Microsoft's Collaboration and Productivity Platform Relative Product: شیرپوینت Author: Seth Bates and Tony Smith Translator:

Publish Year: ۲۰۰۷ Publish Year: ۲۰۰۷ Pages Numbers: ۴۳۲ ISBN: ۹۷۸-۱-۵۹۰۵۹-۸۲۹-۰ SharePoint 2007 User's Guide Learning Microsoft's Collaboration and Productivity Platform Introduction SharePoint 2007 is the centerpiece of the Microsoft Office system and the next stage in the evolution of the SharePoint technology platform. SharePoint 2007 significantly expands on previously existing SharePoint capabilities providing a comprehensive set of tools that can be used as the foundation to create business solutions. We have seen many situations where SharePoint is introduced and individuals struggle to leverage these resources without a good enough understanding of the capabilities to gain the most value possible. This book was an outcome of this need and can serve as a reference for people working within a SharePoint environment. The goal of this book is to deliver a tool to all levels of SharePoint users. Beginners will be provided with the information they need to most effectively use the capabilities provided. Intermediate users will be given the information they need to manage their SharePoint resources. Advanced users will be provided the foundation needed for building business solutions using SharePoint’s capabilities. We have incorporated our experiences working with a variety of organizations and knowledge of the product into an easily understood format for learning about SharePoint 2007, which we hope will enable you to gain the in-depth knowledge you need to effectively use and manage these tools. Further reading about the topics provided in this book can be found at http://www. where we provide additional information around SharePoint including references to other resources. Who This Book Is For The goal of this book is to provide the knowledge necessary for anyone to effectively use Microsoft’s SharePoint 2007 platform. Whether you have not yet used SharePoint, have used previous versions, just started using the basic features, or have been using it for a long of time, this book provides the skills you need to work efficiently with the capabilities SharePoint 2007 provides. If you want to learn about these capabilities in a detailed yet understandable format, this book is for you. Being a user guide, this book does not require you to have any programming knowledge. It does assume the reader has a basic understanding of navigating web sites. Some of the more advanced topics require prior working knowledge of Microsoft Office applications like Word an Excel. How This Book Is Structured The chapters in this book are organized into two groups. Chapters 1 through 9 offer the fundamental knowledge of SharePoint 2007 that users need to successfully utilize the capabilities provided by the technology. This group can be used as an end-to-end reference guide, allowing you to easily look up specific SharePoint topics, and it includes step-by-step instructions, figures, tables, and examples. The capabilities described in these chapters are important and act as the building blocks for the solutions described in the second group of chapters. The second group, Chapters 10 and 11, presents business solutions commonly deployed through SharePoint. Each of these chapters contains an example scenario that will help you understand the potential challenges of the situation along with the benefits that SharePoint provides. The scenarios also include the necessary steps for creating these solutions within a SharePoint environment.

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